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Nathan Cornwell


Nathan Cornwell

Nathan was born and raised in Kent, England. Upon completing his vocational training at The English National Ballet School he went on to obtain a B.A. Hons at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. During his time there, he worked with Rambert Dance Company performing Itzik Galili’s A Linha Curva on their Comedy of Change UK Tour.

Upon graduating he undertook a graduate apprenticeship with Michael Clark Company, performing Swamp as part of the Company’s ‘Come, Been and Gone’ UK tour. He was then invited to join BallettVorpommern in Germany under the direction of Ralf Dörnern. During his time with BallettVorpommern he has performed works from choreographers such as Katarzyna Gdaniec & Marco Cantalupo, Bryan Arias, Peter Svenzon, Robert Glumbek, Jochen Heckmann, Brigel Gjoka, Maura Morales, Sabra Johnson and many more.

In addition to stage work, Nathan also danced in the Irish dance film Ballet Átha Cliath choreographed by Zoë Ashe-Browne which premiered in Dublin in 2017 and was shown at the Los Angeles Dance Shorts Film Festival 2018.

Nathan joined Ballet Ireland in 2019 and has performed in the company’s productions of Bold Moves Strokes Through the Tail.

Nathan Cornwell
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