Pointe Shoes
Fund Appeal

Pointe Shoes - The ultimate high heels!

Pointe Shoes Fund Appeal

Pointe shoes are the tools of a ballerina’s trade and sadly they don’t last very long. They are also expensive – up to €60 a pair. Our dancers’ shoes cost over €10,000 last season.

During a performance of the Nutcracker, a dancer will probably wear 3 different pairs of shoes. A harder pair for Snowflakes, a softer, silent pair for the Arabian dance and of course the perfect pair for the Sugar Plum Fairy. Every dancer is unique and so are her shoes.

Can you help us to put the perfect shoes on our dancers’ feet so we can create even more magical performances for you?

We are grateful for a contribution of any size. Here’s how you can help:

  • €10 will contribute towards pointe shoe ribbon
  • €30 will contribute towards a pair of pointe shoes
  • €60 will buy 1 pair of pointe shoes
  • €120 will buy 2 pairs of pointe shoes
  • €500 will buy a months supply of pointe shoes & ribbon for a dancer


At the end of each season, we will have a collection of much loved and battered pointe shoes that we can share with you.