Coppélia, The Full Story!

Dr Coppélius’ Laboratory, Dr Coppélius Cosmetics Co.

Dr Coppélius prepares his most prized automaton, Coppélia, for her photo shoot to promote sales of his famous Soap brand Coppélia Soap by two ad men. Both are unaware that her graceful poses are being carefully controlled by Dr Coppélius’ remote.

Act 1 :The Annual Boone County Fair, Iowa USA 1959

The small town of Boone prepare for their annual summer fair, launched this year by Coppélia, the famous model, and the face of Coppélia Soap. Hildy is happily documenting the day when she catches her boyfriend, Frank, swooning over a large poster of Coppélia.

Just as Frank manages to win back his girlfriend’s favour, Dr Coppélius enters with his glamorous and life like doll; her luminous beauty and perfection spellbinding the crowd. Young Frank is utterly bewitched, unaware that the object of his adoration is in fact, an automaton.

The day continues with games and a ‘Lovely Legs’ beauty contest judged by the loveliest of them all; Coppélia.  Frank’s growing infatuation with the perfect model does not go unnoticed by his observant girlfriend. As the celebrities exit the fair, Hildy manages to sneak a photograph of Dr Coppélius and the model, but he catches her and quickly confiscates the camera.

Hildy, determined to retrieve her camera and with no help from her boyfriend, enlists her friends to follow her to Dr Coppélius’ Cosmetic Company. Not far behind them is Frank who, after another row with Hildy, decides to track down the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on, Coppélia.

Act 2: Dr Coppélius and Co. Laboratory

Hildy and Faye enter the eerie laboratory of Dr Coppélius’ Cosmetic Co. where they find  Coppélia. Hildy decides to introduce herself in order to warn her away from Frank and demand her camera back. When Coppélia is unresponsive, Hildy and Fay discover to their great amusement that Coppélia is an electronic doll.

Finding Dr Coppélius’ remote control, they unleash his electronic creations. The alarm sounds and Fay manages to escape, leaving Hildy trapped in the lab. She hides and waits for a good moment to slip out of the strange workshop. Whilst hiding, Hildy is shocked to learn about Dr Coppélius dark secrets and dangerous plans.  At that moment an intruder arrives in the lab, looking for the most perfect woman he ever laid eyes on and walking straight into the web of Coppélius’….

Will Hildy manage to outwit the dangerous Dr Coppélius and save them both from a grisly end? And will she ever be able to forgive her sweetheart for falling in love with a doll?