Rob Moloney

Rob Moloney is a composer and sound designer based in Dublin. He studied music at University College Cork and continues to work as a composer and performer with the Cork Gamelan Ensemble. His most recent sound designs include The Game (THEATREclub), The Lonesome West (Blood in the Alley), Adrenaline (Journeyman Theatre) and Desolate Heaven (Granary Productions/Everyman Theatre). In 2014 his work on Between Trees and Water (Painted Bird Productions) was nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award for Best Sound Design. He has a keen interest in architecture, space, texture, movement, process, duration, noise, and silence: all of which greatly influence and apply to his philosophy and work.



‘Rob Moloney’s low-amp lighting and a more or less constant soundscape of recorded cello music, distant chanting and general discord combine to let our imaginations create the dark space for ourselves.’ (Liam Heylin, Irish Theatre Magazine)


‘The play has a dark heart, emphasised by the haunting musical score and the stark staging but is utterly compelling.’ (Louise O’ Neill)


‘[…] the strong musical element contributes enormously in creating ambiance and, indeed, the world of the play.’ (Sarah England, The Journalist)


‘The ominous title and the brooding thrum of Rob Moloney’s music suggest that it is not all heading towards a fairytale happy ending.’ (Liam Heylin, Evening Echo)