Tom Lane

Composer and sound designer. Oedipus, Twelfth Night (Abbey Theatre); Romeo & Juliet (Gate Theatre); Hidden Currents (Cork Midsummer Festival); Between Trees and Water (nominated Best Sound Design Irish Times Theatre Awards, Painted Bird Productions); HARP | A River Cantata, FLÅTPÄCK (nominated Best Opera Production Irish Times Theatre Awards, Ulysses Opera Theatre); Underground Gothic (Bram Stoker Festival), Lear Project (Irish Modern Dance Theatre); Wake(Chamber Made Opera); Break (HotForTheatre); In Dog Years I’m Dead (Mirari Productions); Human Child (Collapsing Horse); Lulu, Listowel Syndrome, DOGS(Best Production and Best Design Dublin Fringe Awards, Emma Martin Dance);Sometimes We Break, Bird With Boy (Best Production Dublin Fringe Awards, junk ensemble); Hear Me Sing Your Song, With Raised Arms, Ten (Liv O’Donoghue);The Shakey Bridge Listening Project (Cork Midsummer Festival); The Spinner(Aoife McAtamney); Corokinesis, Experimental Evensong (Christ Church Cathedral Choir); Paulinenbrücke (Staatstheater Stuttgart).