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Marc Comellas


Marc Comellas

Marc was born in Spain, and grew up in La Garriga, a small Catalan village. He started dancing at the age of seven in the school Escola de dansa Àgueda Murillo. Six years later, he began his professional formation at the Professional Dance Conservatory of the Institut del Teatre, in Barcelona, and graduated in 2019. During this period, he danced pieces by David Dawson and Gustavo Ramírez, among others.

After graduating, Marc joined IT Dansa where, under the directorship of Catherine Allard, he performed Kaash by Akram Khan, In Memoriam by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and Whim by Alexander Ekman, among other pieces. He has also been participant in the Valencia Dancing Forward project in Spain. There, he has worked with choreographers such as Philip Taylor, Alba Castillo, Bryan Arias and Jose Carlos Blanco. Other artists he has also worked with include: Nicola Monaco, Mathilde van de Meerendonk, Nora Sitges, Jenna Lee, Sandra Marin, Sebastian Mari and Jill Johnson.

Marc joined Ballet Ireland in 2022.


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