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Ballet Ireland presents traditional full-length classics, newly commissioned ballets and contemporary work that resonates with audiences of today. The originality of Ballet Ireland’s work has attracted a company of highly trained international dancers, who are recognised by audiences and critics alike for their individual style and razor sharp technique.

Established in 1998 by Gunther Falusy and Anne Maher, each spring and autumn the company performs in large scale theatres in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Touring affords the opportunity for our regional audiences to access and enjoy professional ballet and to inspire young and talented students all over Ireland.

In addition to professional performances, we are champions of cultivating future talent. The company’s summer intensives provide aspiring young students with week-long workshops. Throughout the year there are additional programmes for primary and secondary school students, both for those with or without formal training. These opportunities create unforgettable experiences for the participants and their families.

In 2013, we were honoured when President Michael D. Higgins became our Patron. As our support grows, we will continue to mentor young dancers, our collaborations with leading arts organisations will strengthen and we will increase opportunities for leading dancers, choreographers and designers to work with the company.


Ballet Ireland
Ballet Ireland
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