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★★★★. “..Runacre-Temple crafts ensemble work well, and she utilises the small cast to big effect. ….her trademark moves – feet turned in to a parallel position, squiggling arm gestures, abrupt change of body positions – that reveal her tendency toward contemporary dance, but now she deftly incorporates more classical ballet.” 

Christie Seaver, Irish Times

★★★★  “Choreographer Morgann Runacre-Temple has produced a technically innovative production juxtapositioning classical ballet moves with jarring and often angular motions to communicate the aggression of the military and gypsy world of Carmen. The result is refreshing and powerful, as the ballet explores an atypical world to the classical form'”

Irish Mail on Sunday


Passion. Beauty. Betrayal.

Against the backdrop of Bizet’s passionate score, this scorching story unleashes the creative talents of Ballet Ireland’s choreographer in residence, Morgann Runacre-Temple.

Carmen follows the story of a young, naïve soldier Jose, who is bewitched by the beautiful and fiery gypsy. Obsessed and reckless, Jose turns his back on respectable life to be with her. But Carmen, like love, is a bird that cannot be tamed and Jose’s desire to posses her eventually destroys them both.

This age old story, as relevant today as ever, is re-told in a modern setting. Runacre-Temple’s up to date style “gets it”, according to the Irish Times, stretching classical ballet to new heights.





Morgann Runacre-Temple

Morgann Runacre-Temple


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Set design: Lorna Ritchie
Costume design: Sarah White
Lighting design: Eamon Fox
Music: Rodion Shchedrin “Carmen Suite After Bizet”.
Live Music: Irish Flamenco Guitarist John Walsh


Ballet Ireland
Ballet Ireland
Ballet Ireland
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