Teacher’s Week

4 – 8 July 2022

teacher’s week

Dancing has an intrinsic appeal. It is an enjoyable, non-competitive, physical activity that can be creatively adapted to individual children’s abilities and interests. Creating work through dance and music is naturally engaging for all children and helps develop attentional focus and listening skills. Dancing enhances communication skills and offers unpressured opportunities for creative expression and leadership among children of all ages, experiences, and abilities.

This unique course gives schoolteachers a secure understanding of how to teach dance, using simple, clear methods, easy steps, and straightforward dance vocabularies. Teachers are introduced to the fundamental aspects of dance education: the class structure, an understanding of anatomy in relation to dance, how music is used, composed, and selected for dance, and how dance relates to drama and narrative expression.

The initial programme is a week in length and is led by Ballet Ireland’s Education Officer, Stephen Brennan, alongside specialists in several complementary areas, providing workshops in dance, anatomy, music, and mime.



The summer course will take place at DCU St. Patrick’s Campus, Drumcondra, in association with the School for Arts Education and Movement, DCU.


All material covered in the summer course is suitable for primary school children of all ages, and for children with diverse abilities and experiences.


Teachers often cite lack of expertise or experience in teaching dance, though it is part of the curriculum, currently as part of the PE strand. It is largely included in the school curriculum for its quantifiable benefits in health and wellbeing rather than for its intrinsic artistic and expressive potential.

WHAT you will gain from the programme:

  • Confidence in teaching dance
  • Understanding of the structure of a dance-based class/workshop
  • A well-rounded understanding of the basic principles of dance technique
  • Knowledge of musical structure
  • Techniques in constructing simple ‘chains of movement’ and dances
  • Examples of how dance augments an integrated learning approach
  • Dance used as a means of expression, interpretation, and communication
  • An exciting and rewarding experience


Cost of the course: €125

There are a limited number of places.

For more information, please email Stephen Brennan, Education Officer at Ballet Ireland: [email protected]



It helped me to understand the benefits dance can offer a child’s whole development, in terms of physical development, gross and fine motor skills, overall co-ordination, concentration and memory skills and social-emotional development. Dance can hugely benefit a child holistically and understanding this made me feel more confident that teaching dance wasn’t simply a ‘fun’ or ‘frivolous’ treat lesson for a class, but a worthwhile endeavour

2021 Summer Course participant

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