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teacher’s week

No two bodies are the same, so it is no wonder that when 20 students in the same class are given the same exercises, their bodies will react differently. The secret to all students achieving their full potential is in individual assessment of specific key areas and careful prescription of individualised exercises and mobilisation techniques, allowing each student to perform at their full potential.

This unique course will give primary school teachers a deeper understanding of the exact mechanics of dance, musicality, injury prevention and wellbeing.

The week-long programme will be led by Ballet Ireland’s Education Officer, Stephen Brennan alongside experts in the field of dance education.



The week’s programme will take place at DanceHouse, Foley Street, Dublin in Spring/Summer 2022. Each day will comprise 2 two-hour workshops and an additional session, up to an hour, for discussion and feedback. 


Although the programme is initially aimed at teachers of First and Second Class pupils, the material covered can be easily adapted and developed to suit older age groups, and children with diverse abilities and experiences.


Teachers often cite lack of expertise or experience in teaching dance, though it is part of the curriculum, currently as part of the PE strand. It is largely included in the school curriculum for its quantifiable benefits in health and wellbeing rather than for its intrinsic artistic and expressive potential.

WHAT you will gain from the programme:

  • Confidence in teaching dance
  • Understanding of the structure of a dance-based class/workshop
  • A well-rounded understanding of the basic principles of dance technique
  • Knowledge of musical structure
  • Techniques in constructing simple ‘chains of movement’ and dances
  • Examples of how dance augments an integrated learning approach
  • Dance used as a means of expression, interpretation, and communication
  • An exciting and rewarding experience



For more information, please email Stephen Brennan, Education Officer Ballet Ireland: [email protected]



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